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Unlock the full potential of Video Ad Machine: Upgrade to PRO today!

Tamas Szakal
January 9, 2023

Are you tired of video ads that fail to generate sales? Are you trying to figure out how to up your video ad game? Use Video Ad Machine PRO right away!

You have already had the opportunity to create great-looking video ads directly from your Shopify store as a free user of Video Ad Machine. However, did you know that our PRO version provides even more potent features to aid in increasing conversions and generating sales.

Access to our library of tried-and-true video ad templates is one of the biggest benefits of upgrading to Video Ad Machine PRO. These templates will save you time and effort during the creative process by increasing click-through rates and conversion rates. With PRO, you'll have access to all templates, including newly added ones. You can also make as many customizations as you'd like and test various scenarios to determine which ad will perform best.

Another significant advantage of Video Ad Machine PRO is the ability to automatically post your videos to your business pages on Facebook and Instagram. By eliminating the need to manually upload your videos to each platform, this feature saves you time and effort. You can easily schedule your videos to be posted at the best times for maximum engagement with Video Ad Machine PRO. Furthermore, you can reuse videos across platforms without having to create new ones. This is especially useful for businesses looking to broaden their reach and increase the visibility of their brand on social media.

In addition to these features, Video Ad Machine PRO includes some extremely useful ones, such as the ability to add your logo and font to video creatives and access more sophisticated ad management functions.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Here's what one of our PRO customers had to say:

"I've been using the Video Ad Machine app for a while now, and the results have been fantastic. However, the results have improved since upgrading to PRO! The ability to access a library of all video ad templates enabled me to create ads that are more consistent with the message of my brand."

If you want to take your video ad game to the next level, Video Ad Machine PRO is the right tool for you. We're confident that you'll see a positive return on your investment thanks to our powerful features, simple interface, and friendly support team. Upgrade today to begin creating high-converting video advertisements for your Shopify store!