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Better Than Images: Facebook Video Ads Convert Twice As Much (And You Won't Need Google Ads)

Jessica Klain
September 23, 2021

When you're a proud e-commerce owner, chances are you're bombarded with different advice about how to increase profits. 

Everyone claims to know the advertising secret to the best conversion rates.

Everyone bets on this or that trend, this or that social media channel.

Did their advice work out for you?

Truth is: probably not.

If you've been listening, you know that videos are a safe bet when it comes to brand awareness. One of the most effective ways to boost conversion and increase your sales is through Facebook Video Ads.

Yep, that simple.

After all, how many times have you caught yourself immersed in your Facebook feed, video after video?

If you've been there, your customers probably have too.

Facebook Video Ads can convert twice as much as text or image only content. They can even boost your sales overnight.

Here's What You're Missing Without Facebook Video Ads

If you want to join forward-thinking, high-selling brands, you have to jump on the video ads. Immediately!

Video content is easy to consume and can generate 1,200% more shares, according to a BrightCove report.

Meaning: without investing in video ads, your shop is missing on customer engagement, which reflects on a much broader reach. Not to mention conversions.

If you want your sales to match those of shops making more than $1million per year, all you have to do is use the same strategy.

What? You didn't think you need one?

Here, we'll analyze 10 Facebook Video Ads and what strategies make them incredibly successful so you can succeed too.

1. Fly Dubai: The Stock Footage Video Ad

OK, we are talking about an air company. They have lots of money, right?

The answer is most likely yes.

However, it doesn't mean that their ads are millionaire productions. And yours don't have to be either.

When announcing their new weekly flights to Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, the company chose to create simple ads with what looks like drone footage. 

The soundtrack is an upbeat tune, and the call to action is direct: book now.

No frills. And it got 5.7k views. 

Why it works: simplicity! The beautiful Greek islands sell the flights easily. And the footage… It could be a custom-made drone production, yes. 

But it could also be stock footage.

What YOU can do: sign up to stock footage banks. Can you find something that creates an emotional connection to your product?

Fly Dubai's ad sells escapism, the dream getaway we've been waiting for the past year. What feeling does your product relate to?

Keep the copy simple and bet on an uplifting soundtrack.

You've got yourself a winning video ad for Facebook.

2. Happy Socks: The Seasonal With A Twist Video Ad

Getting socks and underwear for Christmas are most people's idea of a boring gift.

Happy Socks, however, managed to twist that: their Facebook Video Ads 10-day campaign generated a lift in brand awareness, purchase intent, AND ad recall in the US.


Adding fun and irreverence to their garments with a 50s setting and old school musical vibes. Oh! And Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal. 

But as you'll see, that's not necessary.

Why it works: the twists are the secret sauce of this campaign.

They play with the boring idea of getting underwear and socks as Christmas presents and the conservative behaviour of the 50s.

They use that AHA! moment. Suddenly, tap dancers swish off their trousers and skirts to reveal their Happy Socks garments.

And you gave them 45s of your time.

Yes, they hired a celebrity. But wouldn't the same concept be successful without the actor?

(Sorry, Pedro Pascal).

What can YOU do: make it fun! And add an element of surprise.

Think of how you can add a humorous twist to your products. 

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3. Cafe Appliances: The Catchy Copy Video Ad

Simplicity can be so how to achieve. Yet it's so effective!

A few close-ups of footage and a killer copy.

The result: 427k views.

Why it works: brilliant copy. It's time appliances had a personality. Yours.

It's provocative but straightforward: what do you mean, my appliances don't have a personality?

Viewers suddenly find themselves agreeing with the statement. And checking the shop.

What YOU can do: don't leave the copy behind just because you're making a video ad.

Work on something catchy, slightly provocative, and straightforward.

Easy task, right?

We know it's not. That's why you should get professional writers (and NOT that second cousin who likes writing).

4. Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Backpack: The Minimalist Product Showcase Video Ad

Do you love your product? Then show it!

Mark Ryden's anti-theft backpack Facebook Video Ad is easy to reproduce with pretty much any product out there.

Why it works: smooth transitions, elegant shots, minimal copy. 

And you can watch it with the sound off!

What can YOU do: a product demo video ad with a classic seamless background. 

Focus each shot on your product's different features. 


5. Shopify: The Benefits Only Video Ad

We know, you don't sell software, but that doesn't mean Shopify's case isn't interesting to you. 

Shopify's video ad reminds us of one of the oldest sales strategies in the book: focus on the benefits.

It's been done, of course. But it works.

Why it works: the Facebook video ad starts with attention-grabbing copy: grow your business.

Straight to a shop owner's deepest desires, right?

The customers are connected to the message and open to the benefits listed.

What can YOU do: follow the same formula for your video.

Grab the attention of your customer (i.e. connect to their wishes).

And then follow up with the benefits.

Your customer will usually decide based on the product's benefits, so displaying them on video can be an excellent way to improve conversion.

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6. Purple Pillow: The Over The Top Video Ad

Why did the donut maker retire? He was fed up with the hole business.

Horrible joke, but we bet we made you chuckle.

And do you know why we did it?

Because humor is one of the quickest ways of connecting to your customers.

Start with a joke, and they're hooked.

(Just make sure it's a good joke. Don't follow our donut example).

Why it works: Purple Pillow uses over the top humor to talk about mattresses. 

It's exaggerated, yes. But it still explains their unique problem, how their product is different, and show proof of how it works (including scientific data).

The results? Over 33k likes, 6k comments, and 8.9k shares.

What can YOU do: how can you add a new humorous layer to your product?

How can you use it to tell a story to your customers?

Create characters and don't fear going over the top are the key takeaways for Purple Pillow's Facebook Video Ads.

7. Supergoop: The Parody/Nostalgic Video Ad

By now, you know that humor works well on Facebook.

And if you don't feel creative, don't worry: copy something else (lightly!) like Supergoop did.

(Except in marketing, we call it a parody).

Why it works: Supergoop's old school TV ad parody speaks directly to the targeted customers.

After all, seeing those types of product ads will surely make you stop and watch the video ads if you’re a certain age.

The parody generates curiosity and attention.

What can YOU do: not every idea needs to be 100% original, as Supergoop demonstrated.

You can play with an existing concept and still get an engaging video.

Can you use parody to recreate a scenario that's relatable to your customers?

Can you include nostalgia in your video ads, emotionally connecting to your customers?

8. Sonos: The User Scenario Video Ad

The user scenario strategy has been used in video ads since the golden age of advertising.

It's an inspiring technique and can be used with so many different products!

From fizzy drinks to Bluetooth speakers, like Sonos.

And it will probably work with yours, too.

Why it works: Sonos' user scenario video shows the product's benefits without relying on an extensive copy.

Happy people enjoying music together. Easy to use. Portable.

And 42k views!

What can YOU do: showcase your product usage in an inspiring way.

And if you're using actors, remember to showcase diversity (please).

Sonos got that right too.

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9. Oliver Peoples: The Behind-The-Scenes Video Ad

Classic brands like Oliver Peoples often showcase their craftsmanship and history in their ads.

And Facebook is a great place to share that information…

Because it means your customer might share it too.

Why it works: when Oliver Peoples shares footage from behind-the-scenes in their video ads, they are building brand value.

They're increasing brand awareness too.

This strategy works well with luxury products, but it can be easily adapted to others. 


What can YOU do: maybe your product doesn't have the craftsmanship of Oliver Peoples' products.

Maybe it's not a luxury product either.

And still you can bet on the behind-the-scene strategy.

Think emotionally: what are the struggles and joys of working in your shop?

How did the founders meet? Are there any funny stories?

All shops and products have a (past) story to tell.

What's yours?

10.  Dropps: The Humorous Video Ad

With its "The Naked Truth" campaign, Dropps managed to go viral and get an amazing 7.8 million views.

That's with a single video, by the way.

The secret? 

Putting their CEO in front of the camera. Naked.

Why it works: Could a brand be more transparent than that?

Dropps combines word-play with visual elements to inform customers about its sustainability ethos.

"The Naked Truth"... Naked CEO… Get it?

Yes, it's not that difficult. 

But it's funny and attention-grabbing.

What can YOU do: Create video ads with a naked CEO, of course.


The takeaway here is to work on your word puns. 

If you've watched any of Dropps video ads, you'll know they are full of them.

And that's the reason they've gone viral: the video is filled with silly double-meaning jokes that the internet loves so much.

Could you do the same?

It might be difficult to get the right balance between tasteful humor and sales copy, but if successful, this strategy promises millions of views.

And if you've learned one thing so far, it's that views improve your shop's sales.

Here are a few other lessons you should take with you. 

Facebook Video Ads: The Key Takeaways

If your memory is already starting to fail, here are the main takeaways from the Facebook Video Ad strategies you've seen above:

  • Use clear, concise copy.
  • Connect to your customers emotionally (with nostalgia or a provocation, for example).
  • Think of simple and elegant solutions.
  • Add your twist.
  • Don't be afraid to go over the top.
  • Don't be scared to be funny.
  • Look for stock footage.

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Bonus Material: Facebook Ad Case Studies To Inspire Your Videos