Open positions

We're constantly looking for like-minded, creative and talented team mates who share the vision of a fully automated marketing engine that serves millions of merchants and makes their lives easier.

Senior Front-End Developer, Creative Coder

- Experience in web front-end technologies
- 4+ years of experience in React development
- Strong JS/CSS/HTML knowledge
- Strong profiling and debugging knowledge
- Strong Git and CLI knowledge
- Strong knowledge of front-end development best practices
- Experience in AWS environment
- Experience in video processing / editing
- Visual thinking
- Technical English


Senior Back-End Engineer

- Experience in web service backend technologies
- Experience in NodeJS, Git, CLI
- Experience in using serverless services
- Knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services) technologies
- Knowledge of debugging, monitoring, profiling techniques and best practices
- Architectural thinking
- Technical English


Content Marketer

- Drive leads, subscribers, awareness
- Experience in creating various types of content such as guides, blogs, etc.
- Manage and develop a blogging strategy
- Grow our subscriber base
- Work with designers, sales, influencers and other industry experts
- 3+ years of experience in producing content for the web
- Past experience building online audiences
- Good time-management skills
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Critical-thinker and problem-solver


Project Manager



Support Specialist