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High-converting video ads in five small steps

Connect Facebook Business

The service is integrated with both, Facebook Business and Facebook Ads to be able to help with your ads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Select or create videos

To start a campaign you can either add any of your pre-generated videos or you can easily create a new ones at any time.

Add a few details

Facebook's Ad Manager is too complex for most advertisers. It gets super easy with Video Ad Machine; just define essential details such as budget, target audience and the text of your ad.

Launch campaign

Hit the 'Start Campaign' button and wait for Facebook to review the ad. Once it goes live the results will be sent to you frequently.

Analize & improve

You'll get numbers about the performance to your inbox every 3 days which will allow you to test out many different strategies and improve the efficiency of the videos.

Trusted by 2500+ businesses
Scroll-stopping ads
Eye-catching creatives capture the attention and generate clicks.
Facebook & Instagram
Run ads on these two e-commmerce focused networks.
40+ proven templates
The ads are auto-generated for you so you save time.
Workflow automation
The videos get posted for you to save you even more time.
Easy customization
With a few clicks the videos can be adjusted to to any brand.
Coming soon...
This is just a beginning. Loads of exciting features are in the works.

Automated video production

Instead of regular product photos or image carousels you can easily run videos. It requires absolutely no experience in video editing, all templates are ready for use.
Automated video production
Designed to perform

Designed to perform

The videos consist of two layers. The product images of a given category are turned into eye-catching animations automatically and a text overlay delivers the details of a campaign.

Recipes to start with

Aggregated from tens of thousands of campaigns the best video ad practices are available as a starting point, so you can skip the guesswork and months of testing and finding effective strategies.
Recipes to start with

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