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Can you show me some video examples?

Our customers published thousands of ads with the app, here are a bunch of them collected in a showcase.

I would like to get my weekly auto-generated ads in other languages? Is it possible?

Yes, you can go to the ‘Settings / Email notifications’ and open up the ‘Overlay texts’ section. There you can edit all text fields and save the settings.

Once you have your translations in place, the app will recommend overlays from that list.

Can I add music to the videos?

Our video are silent loops. While videos appear to drive the most engagement on Facebook, studies have shown that 85% of Facebook videos ads are watched without sound. Most people have audio turned off by default on their devices when browsing or scrolling through social media.

Also, it would add a certain level of complexity to the video creation process which is not necessary for the reasons mentioned.

How many videos can I create?

There is absolutely no limitation, you can create as many videos you want.

Is it possible to modify the generated videos?

No, you can’t edit them as the images and texts are rendered into a file that can be used as a Facebook ad.

Please create a new one with the modified parameters and delete the one you don’t need.

How can I format the text overlay?

When you create a new video, you can customize the size, position, color and some other parameters of the overlay and under ‘more formatting options’ you have even more options.

When you make changes, the parameters will be saved automatically so that all your future videos will have the same preferences in future (as long as you don’t change them again).

Can I change the automatically selected images in the video?

No, you won’t be able to change the existing ones but you can create a video with a manual selection of products and their images at any time. To do so please select ‘Browse...’ (next to Collections) and search for any product in your catalog.

When I edit a Facebook Ad campaign, the targeting options are limited compared to Facebook Ad Manager. Why?

We would like to keep things simple so we’re now focusing on the easiest method to start a campaign; you just write your text, set the daily budget, create an audience, choose an optimization strategy and you're ready to go.

We’ll add some advanced features in near future but for now it has only the essentials to make your advertising efforts as easy as possible.

Is it possible to include an image that isn’t the first image on the product page?

Yes, when you manually select the product for the video you can use all available images for that particular product. This way you can create promotions for a single product that contains multiple images of the same item.

Which video file formats are supported?

You can download all videos in MP4 video and animated GIF formats in order to use them for social media posts or to put them into emails and websites.

Besides uploading them to another service, you can simply embed them into your email template or into your store’s pages by copy-pasting the embed code from the video page.

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