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Marketing is a major challenge for e-commerce businesses, so was for our own online store. We saw how better product ads can improve results and now we're providing tools and ideas to help you attract new buyers.

Website & blog lauched
It was long overdue. We released Video Ad Machine and initially, we had the Shopify App Store listing only. As we're now starting to execute on our new content strategy we needed a blog so we're launching it! Welcome!
Featured on the App Store
We've been waiting for this patiently like every app developer does and finally, we got selected and highlighted by the Shopify team and been up there for a week. Results speak for themselves!
100+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews
Most of the energy comes from our customers. When they share their experiences and ideas our team discusses them one by one in order to learn and improve. Some of feedback can be read here on the site and all of them are listed on the App Store page
1000+ active users
This is a special milestone for us and it deserves proper celebration.  🎉 🤘Given the fact that there are 1.7M active Shopify stores, there's a huge room for improvement!
'Free forever' version
When we launched the service we thought that a 7-day-trial would be great for our users to try the service. It turned out that they wanted to keep it longer and use the most essential features for free so we made it happen.
100th paying customer
As a business owner you most probably know how it feels to get the 1st ever sale. The 100th transaction feels at least 100x better. Let's multiply your order numbers at the same pace together!
First user rating received
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Video Ad Machine for Shopify launched
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Signups closed, new app in the making
For the dynamic banner service we won't accept new signups any more. The service will be shut down by the end of 2021. We're on something new that will make an even bigger impact on product promotion.
Prototype for Video Ad Machine
After talking with hundreds of e-commerce marketers about the importance of moving images and after running experiments, we came up with a product prototype that could dramatically lower the time and costs spent on product marketing.
Strategic Partnerships
We've partnered with leading vendors of e-commerce marketing automation services such as Nosto, Retail Rocket and Segmentify and started working on platform integrations.
First lost deal
Building something great isn't always easy, sometimes bad things happen too. The moment when one of your first customers cancels the plan will be painful. Good news is that you can sign 2 new clients in the mean time.
Signed 10th enterprise client
Our prospects are always excited about the capabilities of the service and amazed how easy it is to integrate it into their existing systems. Still, it can be a quite long journey to get the one-line-code into their pages.
AI-driven banner service launched
We planned, built, tested, fixed and tested again. A few leading players in the e-commerce industry waited for it already... so here we go: Product Hero is now live!
First paying customer
This is an important stage, that's what the real proof of concept is. When the product fits the client's needs and when the pricing seems to be right.
Product Hero founded
The company started out of the idea to make product promotion significantly better by using existing data and turning it into engaging visuals.
Raised initial funding
To build a scalable solution for online stores for displaying and managing personalized banners on their websites we've raised funds from an angel investor, who has been in this space for a long time.
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Co-founder, Technology
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